Classic Love Messages to Express my Feelings

Love Messages 1
I ’ll be fuel for your fire
Strength for you when you tire
Beautiful for you like a wedding attire
Active will my love be for you never to retire
I ’ll be the fulfillment for your desire
I love you, you are the light of my fire

I ’ll be good to you this is my promise to you
Always will I love you this is why I chose you
Like old wine I ’ll get better for you
Of a truth I love you and this will always be true

I can be the branch you can be the leaves
I ’ll be there for you when everyone leaves
I ’ll be your life gift that continually gives
I ’ll be the best friend of you that always forgives
Love you dearly am not the type who deceives

Love Messages 2
Fresh is our love it can ’t expire
Ours shall be good enough for others to admire
Unquenchable like an eternal fire
So is our love
Divine like a gift from God above

I prayed for a gift the gift I got was you
I searched for a treasure, priceless was the treasure I found in you
So blessed to be loved by you
My treasured priceless gift is you

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