Good Morning Love Quotes for Her or Him


Good Morning Love Quotes for Her or Him 1
“Waking up hale and hearty could come so great and simple. But navigating through the hurdles of the day sure comes with a dose more than wishful thinking. You are part of the everyday success of your lover and so you must make him or her see you as a potential reason for a great day. Send these Good Morning Love Quotes to Him or Her to show that your love is sure.”
You are my courage in gloomy days
You are my light in my dark ways
In all life’s situation, your courage will be my take
And you’ll be mine forever, whether I sleep or I’m awake.
Good morning and have a great day my love.
I never thought I would be loved again
I never thought an end would come to my hurts and pain
I have given all of me to people, and all in vain!
But your love came so soothing like a morning rain
I love you, good morning.
Among a million you will ever stand as my only choice
Being with me will make you glad and ever rejoice.
You will ever be glad you made me your choice
And our days will be in bliss with no divorce. I love you.
Good Morning my sweetheart.
It won’t be in my heart ever to leave you
But stronger and stronger in love to make you
My morning night and noon it will be you.
If I ever come to this world again, it will still be you.
Good morning my heart, I love you.
Good Morning Love Quotes for Her or Him 2
In peace and unity shall we live together,
Stay together under any kind of weather,
And we will grow and grow this love together
For no doubt we were made for each other
I love you, Good Morning my Cute Angel.
I wish I ended my day in your arms
And I wish I start it even by your side
Days went by, and my wish didn’t come true.
I really missed you, and you should know it’s the truth.
Lonely, I made it through the night without you here
But I don’t want to go through the day without you
I feel much hurt whenever it happens that way.
Good morning my love.
When it comes to giving and caring in love, I am a learner
But with the way you love me, you are nothing but a pro.
I feel so lucky having such a lover as you.
And I will stay all my life feeling fly about it.
Good morning my love.


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