Good Morning My Love Poems


Good Morning Poems 1

I will be sweet to you like sweetest of Vanilla
In trouble I’ll be your hero more than Mandela
Come rain come shine, I’m your umbrella.
And for comfort, I’ll build you a city, not a villa!

My all and my world, that is your title!
So, your love for me I will not belittle,
But will give you more and more not little.
Our days will thrive in love, not mettle.
I can’t wait, with you, I want to settle!

I am the real me, while I am with you.
The whole world might be false, but you are true.
With you my sky of love, is so lovely and blue.
And I am loving you forever, beyond your clue!

Good Morning Poems 2

I might be hot but with you I’m cool,
And to fix my wrongs, you’re sure the tool.
If it will make you glad, I am ready to be your fool!
And I sure won’t graduate, if your love is a school!
For your sweetness, I don’t mind turning a bee.
For your morning warmth, I wish I am a tea.
For coolness, I don’t mind turning a serene sea.
Your source of strength and comfort, is who I want to be.
Morning night and noon, I can’t keep you off my head.
For your love is fantastic, your love is cutting-edge.
You can be the butter, and me your bread.
Be by your side every night, with you to share my bed.
I just can’t wait, baby it’s you I want to wed.

Good Morning Poems 3

I want to win your heart, not world cup.
For all you want, with you I’m ready to go shop
I will stay glued to you, and never give up.
Living my life with you, let critics shut up!
I don’t speak jargons but love language.
I know its feels and I know its usage…
No doubt, with you, I’m best man for this age.
And all you want, I will give you my monthly wage.
Our Love has beginning, but better ending
I give in my heart and Soul, with you I’m blending
Sweet love n romantic, forever abounding,
To you I give, to make you ever astounding.


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