Good Morning Poems For A Better Day

Good morning poems for your love, friends and family.

Now is not the time to makes wishes

Now is the time to make way

Now is not the time to think hard

Now is the time to have your say

Now is not the time to aspire

Now is the time to put into action

For life, is too short to be wasted

Rise above, make it one big celebration

Good morning


This is not

Just another day

This is your destiny’s

Way to say

That you have

One more opportunity

To fulfill your dreams

And live your fantasy

Grab it while you can

Don’t let it go

A new beginning is not

A chance you want to throw

Good morning


Good Morning Poems

Only those who don’t complain

While striding forward

Only those who rise above

The rest, to fly like birds

Only those who stand up

And keep on, without tiring

Know what it really takes

To keep on winning

Good morning


Good morning poems

Waking up early is tough

Of that, there’s no doubt

But you must, if in life

You want to shine out

That one tiny step

Of getting out of your bed

Is really, all it takes in life

To start getting ahead

Good morning

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