Good Morning Romantic Wishes for Her or Him


Good Morning Romantic Wishes for Her or Him

The soul that care deeply
The heart that loves gorgeously
And my mind that lives simply,
Is what I wish you from me today and forever.
Good morning.
Your love is the reason for my happiness
Your care is but the reason for my liveliness
Having you as my lover is a source of daily hope.
And keeping you forever is all I want to do daily.

Romantic Good Morning Wishes for My Love

I wish you a good morning as bright as your smile,
And I wish you a lovely day as lovely as your heart.
All the best you wish for this day, I wish you double,
And my heart, in love, I give to you too. I love you.
The memories of your laughter is more than my breakfast,
And that of your sweet care is enough for me to have a great day.
I stay unshakeable all because of your love,
Thanks for being there for me my love. Good morning.

Good Morning Romantic Wishes to My Woman | My Wife 

Of all men, I am the most lucky and privileged,
For I have all the reasons to be merry all day long!
The first, second, third to the last reasons are embedded in this…
Having you as my sweet love! I am favoured!
Good morning.

Good Morning Romantic Wishes to My Man | My Husband

Of all women, I see myself as highly beloved!
Of all that breathes, I see myself as the loveliest!
The reason for this is never far-fetched…
It is because I have a caring man like you.

Good Morning, I Love You.

More than the rays of light, you light up my world
More than Calories from best dishes, you energizes my heart.
Thinking about how far for me you have come,
I can’t but say I will love you forever and ever!
Your love is so sweet that I can’t share it,
For only my life, my heart demands it.
But only through favour, I know I deserve it…
And I want it every morning for my life depends on it.


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