Short Good Morning Poems for Him or Her


Good Morning Poems 1

All I have, to you I am giving
For all your wrongs, my love I’m forgiving
I will stay with you, forever not leaving.
My devotion to you, that’s unswerving!

Sooner or later, I’ll take you down the aisle.
And the thought of this, making me feeling so high!
For you being mine, always makes me kinda fly.
And how you love me this much, I still ask why!
The moment I found you I stopped all my searching
For a love so true, so pure and everlasting,
Love so strong and ever believing
That is all I want, and for it I’m craving!

Good Morning Poems 2

Ceaseless love, forever Enduring,
And boundless love, with you I’m assuring.
You are so cute, and your love ever alluring.
Your ways are pure, and your deeds so adoring!
I am loving you always, forever not relenting
I give you all I have, and I’m not repenting
To you I give my heart, forever not regretting.
My goals, my plans, to you I’m presenting.
Darker and gloomy may be my way
But your love, makes a brighter day
Speechless is how I feel every day
For I’ve ever been loved – but not in this way!

Good Morning Poems 3

Word would fail me to express how I feel,
My body and soul, with your love you thrill.
Why I deserve this, I can’t explain still.
So loving you ever, is a done deal!
Every day you live, I’ll give nothing but joy
My love for you, delicious like the dish you enjoy.
I will take you round the world, yes in my convoy!
And I’m waiting for our twins, one Girl and one boy.


This is interesting, oh what a feeling!
Humbly I am begging, baby still I’m kneeling.
Please be my love, oh baby I am pleading.
Without you I’m not sleeping, yet not feeding!
My life without you is far from living!
Without you baby, sure I am dying.
I love you for real, believe, I am not lying.
You are my joy, strength and hope for living….
Please will you be mine?
Send these good morning short poems to your love, and see the magic of words.


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