Sweet Love Rhyme Composition for My Sweetheart

Magical is this feeling
Sensational is this tingling
It ’s you I fancy and it ’s me you are tickling
In love I am and for you I am singing
In loving you I am rising like the rising sun shinning
For you it all loving no whining
Made just for you no cheating
Cut me and its love I ’ll be bleeding
No fronting, it ’s you I ’ll be needing
In offense, with you I ’ll be pleading
To you I ’ll be giving less taking steadfast in my love for you no shaking
In hunger, for you I ’ll be cooking
Cakes for you I ’ll be baking
Love with you I ’ll be making
In my sleep and in my waking
About you I will be thinking
You got me high no drinking
Got my eyes on you no blinking
Spend my money on you no thinking
On you I will be banking
For you more money I ’ll be making
Like the mouse it ’s you I will be clicking
You are my baby it ’s you I will be tickling
No bickering, to you I ’ll be listening
With you I ’ll be winning
It ’s you I will be electing no rigging
Wedding bells be ringing wedding songs be singing
The bride I ’ll be kissing it ’s you I ’ll be marrying
For better for worse no leaving

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