What is SHab E Meraj?

Shab-e-Meraj symbolises the night during which Prophet Muhammad journeyed to Baitul Muqqadas or Masjid-e-Aqsa at Jerusalem and thereafter to the skies on a horse-like animal called Burraq (which travels with the speed of light) and saw the paradise and the hell and met the other Prophets there. In Baitul Muqqadas, the Prophet led in prayer, all the earlier Prophets who were gathered for the occasion (in their Barzakm or transitional and transcendental bodies). From there, he was raised to the heavens where he again met and conversed with different Prophets. He was ultimately elevated to a point beyond heavens, called Sidrat-ul-Muntaha. According to Ahadith, the Archangel Jibriel had operated upon the heart of the Prophet Muhammad when he was asleep in the Kaaba at Makkah and converted the Prophet’s body into transcendental form to make it suitable to withstand the journey of the space. The Five Prayers every day are believed to have been ordained for the Ummah on this occasion.

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