Love You Quotes Love You Messages for Mom

I Love You Messages for Mom, Love You Quotes for mum, Make it personal and dig deep in your heart to think of something sweet you have to say to the woman who has made unimaginable sacrifices in her own life to infuse happiness in yours. Think of all the funny moments, cute memories and hugs..

It takes a girl to fall in love, a woman to get married, a mom to give birth but a mother to lovingly raise a child. I love you, dear mother.

A mother’s love gives to a child, what schools and colleges cannot. Love you mom.

Dear mom, you can be my friend, sister, teacher and counselor. But none of them can be you. I love you.

Love You Quotes Love You Messages for Mom


Anyone can take responsibility for a child’s achievements. But only a good mother takes responsibility for her children’s failures too. Thanks for being there for me mom.

Love You Quotes Love You Messages for Mom

My life has been tolerable, livable and enjoyable even after you and dad got divorced – all thanks to a heroic single mom like you. I love you.

I may call you mom but my heart calls you bestie. Your love makes every day of my life happy and carefree. I love you.

If my life was a skyscraper, you would be its architect, builder and most importantly the founding pillars. I love you ma.

I did not understand the importance of my mom’s hand holding my finger when I was small. But now I know that she was actually guiding me in the right direction till I became tall. I love you mom.

Dear mom, our House is a Home, only because of You. I love you.

Love You Quotes Love You Messages for Mom

MOM is just another name for the super glue that holds a family together. I love you mom.

When God gives the world a mother like you, it is His way of saying that the world needs lots more love, care and affection. I have been lucky to be your son. I love you mom.

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