Missing You Quotes for Wife: I Miss You Messages for her

I Miss You Messages for Wife: Missing You Quotes for Wife: I Miss You Messages for her

1) The kids miss their mommy, I miss my honey and the home misses its queen bee.

2) I don’t know what to post on Facebook, I don’t know that to tweet. I miss the person, the very reason my life seems sweet.

3) When you are at work – the kids miss their mommy who is the world’s best cook, I miss my honey who gives me the naughtiest of looks.

4) The only thing stopping me from going insane are your romantic whispers that echo in my heart. I miss you.

5) Economics says that a need is different from a want. I say that both are the same because I need you and want you at the same time. I miss you.

6) I don’t need to be away to miss you. Even when I’m with you, I miss the memories we’ve made before and think about those that are yet to be.

7) This text has been sent by your husband’s heart – it misses you.

8) I am afraid of the feeling of missing you, because it reminds me of all the dark days I’ve spent being away from you.

9) Even though I am alive, my heart has stopped beating. Even though I am breathing, my body is suffocating. Even though I still care, I can’t bear any longer that you’re not there. I miss you.

10) Missing you is like breathing – involuntary, continuous and critical to my survival. I miss you.

11) Sometimes I start missing you just because it reminds me of what it’s like to fall in love.

12) I planned to say a lot of things to you, but in the end all I could muster up was I Miss You.

13) Sometimes I wish we were away from each other for a while, so I could have the sweet feeling of missing you all over again.

14) I miss the way, you wake me up to sunshine. I miss the way, you fulfill every dream of mine. I miss everything about you. Come back baby… without you I feel blue.

15) Without thinking, I spoke endlessly. Without pausing, I fought with you baby. Without reflecting, I called you names. Without introspecting, I blamed you for playing games. I’m sorry, I miss you.

16) Just because we’re together now doesn’t mean I miss you. Sometimes, I wish I could just turn back time to when life was simple and love was all that mattered.

17) Without you my body clock has gone haywire because seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days.

18) Like a dog without its bone and a cat without its milk, I am rotting away without my favorite treat… your hugs and your smiles.

19) I strive to treat you like a queen who reigns over the globe, just like the one who wears jewels and silky robes. But my actions made you feel like a stranger I didn’t care for, it maligned our love which is so clean and pure. Baby forgive me for losing my temper and doing stupid things, without your love I am suffocating and dying

20) I wish I was allergic to my wife’s absence so that the doctor could prescribe her constant company for me.

21) When you are not with me, I miss out on the best moments of my life.

22) Without you, I feel like a flower withering away without sunshine, a lake parching up without water and a heart… limping along without its beat.

23) I went overboard, I crossed the line. I gave you, many a reason to whine. Baby I am sorry, for not being myself lately. Please come back, and forgive my stupidity. I miss you.

24) The reason for my existence, the purpose of my life. The core of my being, is you my dear wife. I miss you.

25) I have hugged my pillow more than I have hugged you this week. Come back soon from your business trip or else my soul will get weak.

26) If missing you gave me strength, I would be Superman right now.kiss you.

28) Missing you is like being diagnosed with a disease. The pain is slow, excruciatingly painful and constant.

29) I have I have got a new job after you have left for your trip. The company’s name is Missing You and I am its CEO.

30) I promise never to leave my dirty laundry on the bedroom floor. I promise never to hog the TV remote. I promise never to burp when you are around. I promise to help you clean up after dinner. But all these promises come at a cost – you will come back early to spend more time with me. I miss you.

31) My life has plunged into darkness and I am drowning in frustration. I feel as if I’ve been pushed to the deepest depth of the oceans. Save me baby, rescue me from this pain. I just want look into your eyes and hug you again.

32) Your absence has completely ruined my life. Everything feels hollow without the woman who I call my wife. I miss you.

33) Our kids are not the only ones who miss their mom when she is at work, I miss their mom too.

34) If practice makes perfect, by now I have become a pro at missing you.

35) Do you know what is common between your job, your colleagues and your boss? I hate them all because they get to spend more time with you than I do. I miss you.

36) All of life’s hues have become gloomy, days have become lifeless and dreary. The distance between us is killing me slowly. Day after day, I am gasping breathlessly. Save me from this excruciating misery, please… come back soon baby.

37) I want to be Superman so that I can fly to my wife’s office during lunch breaks to see her. I miss you.

38) When I miss you, I can’t sleep. When I can’t sleep, I can’t dream. When I can’t dream, I lie awake. When I lie awake, I miss you. Where do I go?

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