Sweet Love Messages For Him or Her


Sweet Love Messages for Him or Her

I’ve seen sweetness, but none is as this sweet,
So so sweet, you are sure my help meet,
So so loving and lovely even to the teeth.
Without you sweet, I just can’t breath.

Even to my bone, your love is more than sweeter,
Warms my heart like a well made sweater.
I will ever be your lover, never be a cheater,
Even your best choice under any kind of weather.
I love My life with you.

Your love is a compendium of everything good
It fits all times and reasons and even all mood
I choose your love above all my daily food
And I can shout it loud in my neighbourhood.
I love you sweetheart.

Being with you, I love this life of mine
So easy, like Counting from one to Nine
With your love I got everything combine
And forever and ever you’ll be mine
Goodnight my lovely love

Sweet and sweet you are than love messages
So soothing to my bone, than morning massages
I’ve seen lovers, but your lovely type isn’t in this age.
Lovely and lovely forever I will keep you through our marriage.

Sweet Love Messages for Him or Her 2

I will treat you right and give you things money can’t buy
Morning night and noon I will cling to you and wouldn’t say goodbye
When you need myself I’ll be there for you standby
I’ll love will reign forever and will never die

You and me forever, that’s all that matters
We will be together, whether you are near or far
If I would be somewhere all my life
It’s with you I wanna be my sweetness.

Life is indeed great when people care
And when people care how you fare
I thank you for always been there
You are true and true my love, my dear

You and I together forever,
No separation now nor never.
I love you my beautiful sweetheart,
Just want to say good morning to my angel.

Sweet Love Message for Him or Her

Covenant of Love with you today, I make.
I promise that your heart, I will not break.
And I will be yours when I sleep or I wake.
Forever, whatever happens, you I won’t forsake.

I stick with you forever and our love won’t be outdated.
No matter what happens I will keep you ever elated.
Nothing will ever take me away from your love.
I love only you forever my sweet love.

Your love is my blessed thought ever.
Your care is my all-day desire!
Give me your hand and I will lead you on forever.
Beside you, there is nothing I desire.

No doubt you’re the right one for me,
For only you bring out the best in me.
You are my life, my joy and my destiny,
And I promise and vow to forever love you only.

Sweet Love Message for Him or Her 2

Your love in my heart is more than what words can say
For the price of All you’ve done, all I’ve is not enough to pay,
Waking up with your thought gives more than brand new day
And so I will love and love you in all of my way
Good morning my sweetheart

Your love is so great that I pride myself on it
And every blessed day I want more and more of it
I’m confident in your love and I’ll stand by it
If I won’t have your love, I don’t want any Heart beat

I have searched all around and didn’t find your match.
If I search for a million years, still I wont find your match.
I conclude you are the best for me, I can’t deny.
Please will you be mine?

Will You Be Mine?
For a taste of your love I could scale any mountain
And even cross the deep blue sea
For a feel of your love I could endure any pain
And even open my heart for you too see!
See, my love is real not a decoy
I’ll give you all you need be your daily joy
I will treat you like a precious jewel, not like freebie
Will be with you no matter what the case may be
And all I ask is, Will you please be mine?

These messages are great for that special someone in your life.
Send it as a proof of your undying love for them.


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